Carolin Hofmann, born Willems

From a young age, Carolin Hofmann worked alongside her parents in their family's winemaking estate. In 2001, she began producing her own wines. Her goal from the outset was to establish her reputation on the basis of high-quality dry and off-dry Rieslings. A difficult challenge in the Saar indeed, where the leading producers have traditionally made their names through tantalizing naturally sweet wines.

With the benefit of hindsight, the wisdom of Carolin Hofmann's approach has become clear: "Original, self-possessed Saar stars" that stand out for their "brilliant, gentle harmony," praised the industry journals. Stuart Pigott proclaimed the university-trained oenologist as "The Young Female Winegrower of the Year for 2010," and in 2013 she claimed 1st place in the category of dry wines up to 12.5% a.b.v. in the trade journal, WEINWIRTSCHAFT.