Traditionally led by the women of the family, the Willems winegrowing estate is now in its fifth generation. The family-owned-and-run operation began as a mixed farm until the 1971 marriage of Maria Willems to her Karl, who bore the same surname thanks to a distant common ancestor. From their union emerged the doubled name that the Weingut Willems-Willems proudly continues to use today.

One change: Daughter Carolin has assumed responsibility for the wines, together with her husband J├╝rgen. The two commute regularly from their Appenheim home in Rhinehessen out to the Saar. And are extremely grateful that the grandparents are still hale and hearty, and willing to shoulder a healthy load in both the vineyards and sales operations. Karl and Maria Willems are also responsible for the holiday flats located in the historical section of the winegrower's house.