In 1971, Klaus and Irene Hofmann converted what had to date been a mixed agricultural operation into a dedicated winegrowing estate. Although their son Jürgen discovered his passion for his parents' business relatively late, his unwavering dedication more than made up for any tardiness. A degree in viniculture was followed by a return to the family estate in 1997/98. He invested in new cellar technology, concentrated the growing areas to the best sites and planted traditional varieties in the vineyards around his home town of Appenheim.

His grandparents' winegrowing estate house can still be found in the town center. Grandma Irene serves as the strong spirit of the operation, and as the amateur gardener for the tropical inner courtyard. Grandpa Klaus handles export. The winegrowing itself is today concentrated out in the green fields, where Carolin and Jürgen Hofmann have built a modern home, together with a winemaking cellar, warehouse and tasting room.